How to Find Teaching Jobs in Indonesia

Besides being a tropical paradise, Indonesia offers some of the best opportunities for teachers who are looking for ESL teaching jobs.

The thriving oil industry and substantial wealth generated has increased the demand for business-oriented professionals. Therefore, students and employees are keen to learn English so as to exploit new opportunities created in the job market. In fact, there is a vibrant market for educators who are passionate about travelling.

Generally, jobs are available all year round, the cost of living is reasonable and, the perks attractive. Teachers who get hired in Indonesia also have the opportunity to explore the culture and fascinating environment.

Overview of Employment Opportunities

Well, there are plenty of teaching opportunities all over Indonesia, but of course not in all the 17,000+ islands, Even though there are several openings, most ESL jobs are found in Java and Sumatra, and in the major cities of Bandung, Jakarta, and Surabaya.You will also find it a bit difficult to secure employment in areas like Bali which has little work for educators teaching English to Hotel staff.

Requirements for TEFL/ESL teacher

When searching for jobs in Indonesia, it might be of great importance to know some of the basic requirements placed on candidates.

Like most parts of Asia, applicants are expected to be native speakers of English. Individuals from Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Australia are given much preference. The minimum qualification is a bachelor's degree and a TEFL certification. But, if you want to get a working Visa, you must show proof of TEFL certification. And if you want legal papers, then you must have the passport of any of the recognized English speaking countries.

Generally, most employers prefer CELTA, though it is not a requirement by the government.

Who Will You Teach?

It is a fact that the place that you will live will influence the people that you will teach. So, if you will live in a small remote village, then you will be working with young kids.But, in tows, you will probably be stationed in universities or language centers. Also, you will find that majority of the business people in the cities will be interested in learning English.

TEFL Job Placement

Well, there are quite a number of teacher placement services in Indonesia which prospective teachers can contact.

However, the TEFL placement services may not guarantee you a position to teach English at the time of your convenience. Whenever there is a position, you will be provided the opportunity so along as you meet the minimum qualification requirements and you pass the interview.

However, you have to be careful when dealing with placement and recruitment agencies because some have been known to exploit teachers by changing the terms of employment.

ESL Job Sites& Forums

Most ESL job sites also include listings for all available jobs in various parts of Indonesia.

There are private education companies such as English First which provide opportunities for cultural awareness and resource on teaching in Indonesia. Also, sites which are dedicated to ESL jobs such as Teach Abroad have a job list for interested teachers. Apart from these job sites, Jusuf Kalla: Jalan Tol adalah Pekerjaan Swasta Bukan Pekerjaan Pemerintahan you should also consider checking out ESL Base and Dave's ESL Cafe which has vast resources for job openings in Indonesia and the rest of Asia.

These are just some of the respectable forums in the ESL community.

Teaching in Rural Areas

If you are seeking to explore the Indonesian countryside, then you should consider searching jobs in the remote parts. Such areas have openings which require applicants to have a basic bachelor's degree.But, if you are serious about working long term, then you ought to get a TEFL/TESOL certification. You can check on local listings in newspapers or try to contact the schools to see if there are any openings for ESL teachers.

Contacting Directly Employers

If you don't want to contact recruiters then you should consider talking to the employer directly and organise the interview.For starters, you could talk to private schools which sponsor teacher's visa and see if there is an opening. It makes more sense this way especially if you don't want to deal with unscrupulous recruiters.

In conclusion, Indonesia is a great destination for ESL teachers who are seeking medium to long term employment opportunities.It provides ample opportunities for trained and untrained individuals, so long as they satisfy the requirements of clients. Since hiring of teachers goes on all year round, you can rest assured that you can find a job at the time of your convenience. You should consult good sources and establish the credibility and reputation of recruiters before signing contracts or committing yourself to a painstaking job.

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