UNISWAP NIDHI LIMITED A Company Declared as a Nidhi or Mutual Benefit Under Section 620A of the Companies Act, 2013. These Nidhi companies have many features which make them stand distinctly apart from many other Non-Banking financial institutions who are working under the guidelines of Reserve Bank India.

UNISWAP NIDHI LIMITED has the rules and objectives which are the same as a Bank, but only in effect to someone (a members group) who has agreed or joined this agreement, as a bank, but to do business for it’s Members only. So if the term is a quasi-bank, rules and objectives bit similar like the commercial Bank, but these things are only in effect to someone (a members group) who has agreed/joined on this agreement.

As if a bank, but not the one honoured to do business for public. Performing through Banking system which comes under the Nidhi, DCA, NBFC and RBI, UNISWAP NIDHI LIMITED. Is introducing a lot of ideas to make our nation financially strong and that is the reason we are one of the fastest growing NIDHI company in the industry. We provide best services to our members and trying to make it much better to people and to the nation. Providing a world class financial support, UNISWAP NIDHI LIMITED. is continuously securing the society. On the other side, creating all new service methods spontaneously is presenting a pleasant way which helps human beings to lead the life comfortably. In that case undoubtedly we can say UNISWAP NIDHI LIMITED Ltd is the New Way of Savings.

UNISWAP NIDHI LTD incorporated under companies act 2013